Don't be affraid to Forgive

We never heal from a deep injury, until we find the mental strength to allow ourselves to flip a new page, to choose to start a new chapter with peace in our mind & heart...until we choose to stop being bitter, and work to be better...until we FORGIVE.

Some people will never forgive, they are so loyal to their anger & hatred, that they will stress & hurt themselves,physically & psychologically for the rest of their lives,because they think that forgiveness is some kind of weakness... but it's not true it takes a very strong and wise person to forgive , to choose-to be better

Instead of bitter...and all you have to do is to put yourself into their shoes, if their past was your past, if their pain was your pain ,if their level of consciousness was your level of consciousness, than you would think and act exactly as they do!

Every person in this universe is living in their own world, believing in their thoughts about the world, depending on their upbringing and experiences! We suffer when we project our expectation,our views, on people who are living totally in a different world...when we look deeper, wewill find that all people have 1 thing in common: We all want to be Happy! Each will have their journeys... & Forgiveness can result in you having nothing to do with them ever again... & it's all for you to train your mind toward mental health, to radiate Love & to find Peace within ✌🏻

Pray to have eyes that see the best in people,a heart that forgives the worst,a mind that forgets the bad,a soul that never looses faith in God... CONTINUE TO LOVE




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